Marilyn Monroe Floral Dress

Hey guys so I wanted to show you this fabulous dress my mom (LSB) created for me many years ago now, seems like It fits better every time I put it on! 

It will always make me think of these Marilyn Monroe photos, (see below). Its so timeless with its black & white floral print and classic shape, I like that it has no colour so I can easily stlye it with any bright colour and it will work.

So, inspired by Marilyn the other day I no doubt picked RED, and in the form of an amazing hat! It added just enough personality to my look, I also added some iridescent purple with this very interesting clutch I have!

I wanted to wear these old lace/fishnet tights because Im seeing it everywhere still fishnet tights, fishnet tights. But I think mine lace mixed with net is way moe interesting, classy and sexy yes?


Hat (unknown)
Floral print dress (Custom LSB)
White filigree cuff (Forever21)
LAser cut pumps (Yoki Japan)

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed my edjy twist on how to style such a timeless little dress! Would love to hear what you think, drop me a comment. Stay Stylish.
Hair, makeup & styling by me Malika Belford. Photography by LSB.


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