Street Style: All About the Accessories

I’ve said it before I’ll say it again,  your accessories make your outfit and are eye-catching more so than your clothing, I don’t even consider a look a great outfit if there’s no accessories and enough going on to be visually interesting! I consider jewellery necessary in every look and accessories such as shoes, hand bag, sunglasses, hats ect! In this look im wearing some definite eye-catching accessories, electric blue suspenders and a trendy newsboy cap!

Now that I look at it I guess I’m dressed sort of like a french mime? Theres something french fashion about this look maybe its just the horizontal striped top and the colour palette though.

Cap (Forever21)
Striped crop top (unknown)
Blue jeans (Guess Jeans)
Thigh-high boots (French Blu)
Studded purse (Material Girl)


I really want to talk about my classic bright red matte lip, I feel like all the time I see women wearing red lipstick the wrong way, or with an outfit it makes no sence to being wearing a bold red lip with. Let me explain how I usually wear it… lets say you’re wearing a neutral or all black outfit, if the outfit is classic in styling and has very little colour going on OK add colour with a red lip. If your wearing a pattern or print with lots of colours OR a casual outfit it probably doesn’t make sense to wear something as dressy and loud as a red lip. I chose to wear a red lip because the only other colour I’m wearing is blue, notice how I added a red choker and red purse AND other accessories to compliment the red lip. I hope this look inspires your fashion and maybe give you confidence of how and when you can rock the attention grabbing statement of a classic red lipstick!

Thanks for reading, hope you likes this outfit post! Follow me for more on Instagram @malika_belford



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