Street Style: 50’s Diner Edition

Hey everyone here’s another retro look with a lot of 1950’s notes, I used to be very into dressing in this decades style years ago but now I’ve just been inspired by some new additions to my wardrobe to style with 50’s inspiration!

Over the past two months I’ve more increasingly been ending up in the mens department shopping… scooped up this classic RED letterman/varsity style bomber jacket to wear all spring and summer long! In my fave colour, it was a done deal at $25. This look began with me wanting to style it with something undeniably of the decade… polka dot skirts! Ive had this skirt from my 50’s pin up era, its a great length and has button up details up the front.


Added some sporty-ness with a white cropped tank, paired with my Tommy Hilfiger striped mini-bowler purse and a bright white pump and I was happy with my mix of the past meets whats trending today!


After my unfortunately disappointing hunt for retro diners in the city (lack of) I decided on this diner as my backdrop suitable for basically also accessorizing ME and my whole look. Very pleased with how the colours contrast to those on me and the brightness of the sky. These photos are fantastic to look at thanks Marc De Vinci

18159652_1085480644887163_1691577610_oPhotography by: @marc_devinci (on Instagram) & site at
MU & styling by me @malika_belford 18142777_1084996001602294_418430542_nLong dangle earrings (unknown)
Black bobble choker (H&M)
Red bomber (Army & Navy)
Polka dot skirt (Forever 21)
Striped Bowler purse (Tommy Hilfiger)
White laser cut pumps (Yoki)




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