Style Statement: Thigh-high Boot & Leopard Prints

I know its been a minute since I’ve posted, but the weather is better this week so I managed to take some photos before getting cold. In this look I wanted to focus on styling these boots, what skirt is a good length to go with them and a statement piece of my outfit to compete with their drama. Decided this leopard jacket that never goes unnoticed. 

You’ll see in some images I’m wearing a leopard blouse as well. after looking at what other leopard top options I have I decided on this black and white print to pair with my jacket.


Then in some photos I’m just wearing a sporty bralette to let other elements of my look stand out.


I’m also wearing some round rosy sunglasses and an awesome, unique leather purse

dsc_0142Large hoops (H&M $8)
Round coloured lense shades (Chilli Beans)
Studded choker (bracelet actually)
3 chain necklace (unknown)
Bralette (Topshop)
B&W leopard blouse (Dex)
Red round leather handbag (Totem)
Studded jacket (INsight New York)
Black pleated skirt (Custom LSB)
Thigh-high boots (French Blu)

find & follow me on Instagram @malika_belford to make sure you dont miss a post from me! Hope you enjoyed these photos, thanks for reading.


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