Trending: Guess Girl & Glossy Fabrics

This trend of PVC & patent leather was for Fall 2016 but I’m just getting to it now cause I got busy. This trend really excites me I love the drama of these super-glossed sexy fabrics that I’ll always associate with when I think of high-fashion-cyber-futuristic-tokyo-style. But hey I also guess this trend is not for the faint of heart and more for the bolder fashionistas like myself haha. 


I don’t know how the inspiration for this look came up but I believe I  sophisticated this vinyl skirt with my stylish beret and sweater. What do you think of this look? Would you dare wear such an attention grabbing fabric? Leave me a comment on Instagram @malika_belford


So info about this skirt! It’s a vinyl CIRCLE skirt I got a few years ago after stalking it on for months! I had to have this piece in my wardrobe and I purchased it when I was Las Vegas. It was also nearly mid-calf length and kind of overwhelming on my small frame so my mom altered it for me and now its more flattering for me. This look had me feeling so cool and stylish and like my unique take on a Guess Girl look! (also kinda feeling like a Guesss ad, love Guess) Im really happy also with how these photos turned out with the shadows! (photography by LSB)


Id also like to point out how my patent purse matches my skirt and my leopard pony hair loafer-style heels!dsc_0923

Beret (Le Chateau)
Sunglasses (Calvin Klein)
Zip-up sweater (Guess)
Vinyl skirt (Topshop)
Quilted patent satchel (unknown)
Leopard loafer style heels (Jessica)


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