Western Inspired: POV Outfits

I wanted to put together some wild west inspired looks! This is also I style I like that makes me feel cute and sophisticated. Heres a little look book to hopefully inspire you to try the western look!

(Scroll down to see 3 looks)

Frayed denim choker (designed by me)
Fringed sweatshirt (Ardene $10)
Western belt (Ardene $5)
Leather Pants (Danier Leather $199)
Brown lace-up boots (Urban Outfitters $80)


Denim cut-off vest (Blue Notes)
Neutral turtleneck top (Urban Planet)
Studded leather skort (Forever 21)
Moto ankle boots (Nordstrom Rack)
Red bandana (Dollar Store $2)
Checkered plaid shirt (Attitude)
Jeans (Guess Jeans $75)
Brown lace-up boot (Urban Outfitters $80)

Which look has you most inspired? Leave me a comment on Instagram @malika_belford, thanks for reading!


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