Style Statement: Leather Pea Coat

Leather-lovers read on! I began to build my outfit around this leather pea coat, I had already planned on wearing the most heavy-metal of belt over top of it,


I kept this super-studded belt for a reason, never know when I’ll need some heavy-edge to any look. I put on some black nylons to make my legs defined, a timeless patent pump and for my jewellery I’m wearing a metallic choker, silver geometric earrings, white gold chain, and some rings! Also concluded that a purple lip was the right colour for this heavy metal look.


Leather pea coat (unknown)
Metallic choker (by me)
Studded leather belt (unknown $29)
White gold chain
Silver drop earring (H&M $3)
Black patent pump (The Bay)


Thanks for viewing! Stay tuned for much more! On Instagram @malika_belford





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