Trending: Bomber Flight Jacket Part-One

So Its kinda late posting this now, I’ve been busy so I’m really behind on my posts, but anyhow I was so excited last month, as I am NOW to show you I FINALLY found a great flight jacket to buy! I finally got into this trend by finding one that perfectly meets my picky criteria! Here it is, and I purchased it from the men’s department. #borrowedfrom theboys because I wanted it to be slightly oversized, thick/warm and the classic olive-green. Also see the cute detail on the arm pocket that warns “REMOVE BEFORE FLIGHT” LOL, so I’m leaving that tag on! (it looks reflective)

So for Part-one of two looks I’m gonna show you how I style my bomber jacket!


I wanted to emphasize the bright orange lining! (I do like orange, I know that’s kinda unusual) So I’m wearing my super-cropped orange sweatshirt, it has this quilted floral detailing I thought was so cool, its old I got it a few years ago. Then the rest of my look is shiny black! Im wearing a shiny black skirt, leather hat, and over the knee studded leather boots paired with a studded little purse.

My pink shades add some soft colour & I’m wearing gold jewellery.


Leather cap (vintage)
Pink sunglasses (Chilli Beans)
Orange seatshirt (H&M)
Olive bomber jacket (DNM Collection)
Shiny black skirt (custom LSB)
Studded boots (unknown)
Studded purse (Material Girl)

Styled by me, and shot by LSB. Thanks for reading! Wait for part-two to give you another idea of how to style your uber-trendy bomber jacket!




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