Style Statement: Michael Jackson Jacket

This time of year calls for my “Michael Jackson” jacket, you might call it a band jacket. This jacket and I go no where without anyone talking to me about it and it getting some fantastic compliments. No doubt a statement piece in my collection and something I NEEDED to photograph and share with you!

Lets start with the jacket, I purchased it for $20 when It is actually a more than $200 piece of outerwear. It has so much style, edge, rock n roll,military, star quality! and is overall a bad ass jacket?! This style of coat makes its way into fashion editorials now and then or can be seen on musicians of all varieties of genres. Also, now and then I’ve seen similar band jackets like this is only special vintage shops.

(See slide show below of some of Michael Jackson’s variations of the jacket style)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I feel like this jacket is so iconic. You might have noticed in other things I’ve posted now that I thrive for every look of mine to be iconic. In this case I hope you think my look is MJ Iconic status approved. Enjoy!


I stay away from wearing head-to-toe black if the elements of the look are boring but this is not so heres an example of how I style an “all black” look. Im wearing black shades for extra rock star vibes, a black lace up body suit to show some skin since im wearing pants a sharp black ankle boot and alot of yellow gold jewllery.


Black sunglasses (Spitfire London)
Lace-up bodysuit (Forever21)
Band Jacket (Urban Outfitters)
Leather high-waist pants (Danier Leather)
Ankle boots (Nordstrom Rack)
Gold Africa pendant (custom)
Leather & gold cuff (unknown)
Gold wide bracelet (Topshop)


Styled by Malika Belford, hair by Bella Vida follow (her Instagram @seamlesstouch)

Dont forget to follow me on Instagram @Malika_Belford for my latest looks & turn on post notifications so you dont miss anything!

Thank you so much for reading! Hope to see you at my next post! Stay stylish!


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