Trending: Menswear & Pantsuits

OH HEY Mens Wear Fall 2016 Trend! I got on that! And am digging it! Let me show you what I came up with in this post! Mens wear to me makes me think iconic Coco Chanel in suits, super-chicness, and a hella put-together vibe that I love. You know feeling “dressed”? If that doesn’t make you feel ready for anything I don’t know what does. 😉

I know on Instagram (malika_beford) I said two days ago I have stuff to share, shot this look yestterday! (Sorry it was a very cloudy day in Vancouver) I took some ICONIC inspo for this trendy Mens wear look from Coco Chanel, as she is known for her innovative idea to borrow from the boys and put it into women’s wear. She created the iconic Chanel women’s suit, in boxy cuts made of wool with braided trimming, metallic buttons and skirts. Thank you Coco for giving the world the Chanel suit. The world would be a different place without it, AND the world of fashion and style.


I feel like wearing a pant suit is so cool and confident, agree? If you are searching for a special look to make you feel confident I suggest giving this trend a try!

For my trendy suit (that I didn’t purchase as a pantsuit) I’m wearing classic black in classic shapes.


My blazer is structured & classic in style. My pants are high-waisted, wide legged and sailor style (buttons on front) with a lace-up detail on the back! YES REALLY (and from Forever21! WHAAAAt?!). Not your basic wide leg trousers, which is a reason why I had to have them.


I wanted to add some sexy, so I did the ever popular no shirt under blazer look. Also did a red high-heel cause I know most shoe fanatics will agree with me there’s nothing sexier than that (isnt the banana heel so dope?) So here you have it my Coco Chanel Menswear inspired Suit look!

For my accessories I wanted to wear a choker I haven’t show you guys yet and one that I made with LSB recently. So it’s this white tiny beaded choker, isn’t it chic? Pearl vibes here for sure (hella Coco approved any fashionista know this is a fact)


and layered my custom Africa yellow gold pendant for more luxe, I’m wearing yellow gold hoops, some rings, ear cuffs, and some PINK MIRRORED SHADES?! (they have white/gold details which is why they needed to be apart of this look LOL) perfect. Finally accented with a pink glossy lip (I do my own makeup) and my hair is by Bella Vida (her Instagram is @seamlesstouch) I really like how these braids she styled for me. Hope you think my mens wear look is ANYTHING but basic 😉

White beaded wide choker (by me & LSB)
Black blazer (H&M $60)
Wide leg sailor trouser (Forever21)
Red banana heel shoes (Heart Soul)

Thank you for reading! Follow me on Instagram @malika_belford if you enjoyed this and do note I have lots of cool content coming up this week! I’ve been shooting lots of looks to share. Please leave me a comment about my menswear look if you enjoyed this post!








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