Street Style: Forest Green & Yellow Gold

Hi friends! The weekend is gone and here in Raincouver were left with nothing but rain in the forecast, this saturday night I went to my girl friend’s Birthday Dinner and I dressed appropriately for the dark and stormy night while still having a look going on.

In deciding what to wear to the party I began with the fact I know I needed to wear pants in order to not freeze at 8pm at night down town, so for the evening in a restaurant I decided on a more dressy black jean and went from there, so I was covered on the bottom with my fave high-waisted jeans and needed to add something sexy on top so I knew I wanted to wear a crop top (not a sweater yet) so I needed to add a colour and this sheer forest green crop met my criteria! I wore a black bra underneath to match the cool trim on the crop that draws attention to my waist. So the showing some tummy and showing my bra is enough sexy yet comfortably WARM for this evening event.


I have the forest green going on paired with black so I can have another colour going on without clashing, so I decided I wanted to wear gold not silver for some warmth to my skin tone.

I added some bold gold bobble earrings, gold ring, leather cuff (with gold detailing that people mistake for a watch!) and a luxe gold chain to dress up my outfit. Finished my look with a top knot to show my bold black eyeliner and a nude lip to balance my dramatic eye. I felt this art was a great matching background for my look, it’s actually a wedding ceremony incase you’re wondering whats going on in my background, pretty neat and gorgeous to look at!


Gold bobble earrings (bought online)
Yellow gold chain
Leather & gold cuff (unknown)
Sheer crop-top with trim detail (Charlotte Russe)
High waisted black jean (Urban Outfitters)

Thank you for reading! See you at my next post



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