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Seeing my Instagram feed flooded with turtlenecks and seeing many celebs sporting it in very different ways has led me to write a post about this trend, especially because of how strongly I feel the turtleneck is versatile and an ESSENTIAL piece to have! 

Lets talk turtlenecks! Some of the street style looks of this trend on celebs have me so confused! This pairing of turtlenecks and undergarments! Some examples are the turtle neck with a slip dress over top, camisole overtop, a BRA overtop, turtleneck with a corset or bustier over it… What is going on here?! lol If I find a celeb who I think pulled off one of these strange stylings I will certainly add to this post! Haha, but for now take a look at some of my turtleneck crazy ways in this collage I put together of me wearing the trend LAST year! I think the turtleneck is something everyone should have a couple of, because theres endless ways to wear it and look stylishly sophisticated. Also, don’t worry if you splurge, it’ll never go out of style! Think about it, its been around forever.

How Im wearing my turtlenecks THIS year will start when winter temps hit here in Vancouver.

So take a look at some ideas from me of how to wear your turtleneck this fall and winter and comment which is your FAVE way I styled mine? Stay stylish!

Im wearing many brand in these outfits haha… So from left to right

Feather Vest (Club Monaco)
Black patent pumps (Hudsons Bay)
Leather shirt (Desires)
Red leggings (Jacob)
Brown suede fringe vest (Jessica Simpson)
Blue jeans (Urban Outfitters)
Pink turtleneck seater (Aritzia)
Faux leather vest (Forever 21)
Black jeans (Urban Outfitters)
Ankle boots (Nordstrom Rack)

Just ask if you wanna know where anything else is from! 🙂

Processed with MOLDIV




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