Street Style: The sheer printed pant

For this look I was inspired by one of my fave fashion icons Miss Gwen STEFANI! If you uncertain how much she sports a leopard print just google Gwen Stefani leopard lol She’s exactly what I was thinking about when I bought these sheer wide leg pants in LEOPARD PRINT! Leopard print (timeless) being one of her fave things (aswell as mine) I know its for the bold, not for the wall flowers 😉

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I took another que from something Gwen & I both love a RED SHOE! I purchased these when the banana heel was on trend, this is sort of a red suede-Mary-Jane twist on it too! (I don’t do basic or boring when sporting a trend hunny!)

The star here is the pants from Forever 21 (believe it or not!) they have attached little black hot shorts on the inside so your comfortable wearing a totally sheer item. So since I have enough going on on my bottom half I kept it simple up top with a chic black sleeveless turtleneck and some jewellery and an accessory.

Im wearing 2 chokers, black hoop earrings and a leather harness to keep it interesting.

If your not sure how to pull off your fave Celebs bold styles take inspiration by just one item they wore or would wear. Like me taking inspo from Gwen with my bold leopard trousers.

I definitely got some attention walking down the street in these sheer trousers blowing in the wind, couldn’t miss me with the pop of red either! Lets get to the look!

Chokers (H&m/unknown)
Harness (Forever21)
Black sleeveless turtle neck (Amazon)
Sheer leopard pant (Forever21)
Red suede banana shaped heels (Heart Soul)

(Gwen Stefani Image from




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