Material Girl: Layered in lace

This retro-glam look is a go-to look of mine, and by “this look” I mean retro vibes and wearing classic black & white with a pop of colour! 

My fave mini Guess purse ads colour to my look to keep it interesting. This look began with me wanting to wear this unique white lace zip-up top! Its Material Girl (by Madonna & Lola) yes THE Madonna. I added more of a lingerie vibe by wearing a black lace accent camisole under it and kept my look sophisticated with a timeless black pencil skirt to not show too much skin on the bottom. For my accessories I added retro plastic Guess frames, a white Guess watch, pearl bangle, satin ribbon choker and my favourite retro heels EVER! The overview? Cant go wrong with a pop of colour and a statement shoe.

Plastic retro shades (Guess)
Earrings (unknown)
Satin ribbon choker (old)
White lace top (Material Girl)
Black camisole (Hudsons Bay)
Black pencil skirt (Hudsons Bay)
White watch (Guess)
Blue mini bag (Guess)
Black & White heels (unknown)


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