LBD: Wet look

Was looking through my dresses and sort of putting away my summer dresses (time flies) its September and it definitely is feeling like fall outside, anyway! This far-from-basic LBD that Ive never worn! Just never had the right opportunity YET to wear this awesome dress. So I decided to see what I have to style this dress and this is what I came up with! Ive been trying to accessorize more so I grabbed some statement earrings and a statement bracelet I picked up in Vegas a couple years ago. Put on a GREEN lip to add another colour to the look and snagged my favourite Calvin heels are here you go! Loving how the colour scheme turned out in the photos with the dark shadows, greens and purple.

Wet-look dress by LSB (my talented mom)

So this is my take on the basic little black dress, far from boring or what?! 😉

Drop earrings (H&M $3)
Chain necklace (unknown)
Black dress (LSB)
Purple bracelet (from Las Vegas)
Bag (Matt&Nat)
Heels (Calvin Klein Jeans)



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